To be the voice of Ratepayers and Residents in the SDRC region and to act to ensure their voice is heard and respected by their council; to work to give the people their democratic right to have their say on how their council should be constituted and operated and how boundaries should be determined and changed


Every donation helps in the fight to regain our autonomy!


We had a prosperous shire before amalgamation and we can have one again once we have control of our own finances and can DIRECT FUNDS WHERE OUR RESIDENTS CHOOSE to spend them - that's democracy!


YOU CAN DONATE TO SOS - the Voice of Ratepayers & Residents to BENDIGO BANK STANTHORPE

bsb: 633108

Acc. no. 146604889


We need you to get involved


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Please ring 46810871 and offer to help

RING Bob on

T +61 7 46810871

M 0432 950 645

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Aims & Objectives
  • to be an effective, independent, unbiased body to represent ratepayers’ and residents’ concerns to council;

  • to act as the citizens‘ watchdog to ensure that council is accountable and transparent for the people, and that Councillors fulfil their duty to be available to their constituents;

  • Ensure that local contractors and businesses are offered preferential access to council business as long as they are reasonably competitive (within 10%);

  • Ensure that council elections are conducted in a proper and democratic way;

  • Seek competent persons willing to stand and serve as councillors, who are prepared toserve the residents and ratepayers;

  • Monitor the past performance and attitudes of sitting councillors and candidates for election and, prior to elections, advise ratepayers of the same so that electors can make an informed decision on how to use their vote;

  • To help promote our rural and relaxed lifestyle by supporting appropriate economic development in rural and manufacturing industries, business and tourism.


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